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Installing as single boot

The following section will guide you through the steps to install Athena OS as baremetal by covering all the possible choices you could set.

Install Athena OS as single boot

Once prepared the setup as described in Installation prepare, and rebooted the system with your plugged USB drive containing the Athena OS installation media, according to your boot mode (EFI or BIOS/Legacy), you will be shown:

EFI Boot

for EFI boot, select Athena OS install medium or:

BIOS/Legacy Boot

for BIOS/Legacy boot, select Boot Athena OS (x86_64, BIOS, open source).

Once you land on the Live Environment, follow the Aegis TUI Installer chapter until the Partitioning section.


Aegis TUI

If you are using Aegis TUI, on Partitioning, select Auto: Aegis TUI Partitioning Auto

Choose if you want to install a Swap partition or not Aegis TUI Partitioning Auto Swap

and select the desired swap size Aegis TUI Partitioning Auto Swap Size

Then, it will be asked if you wish to encrypt the root partition Aegis TUI Partitioning Encryption

Finally, confirm the partitioning setting you chose Aegis TUI Partitioning Auto Confirm

Then, continue to follow the Aegis TUI guide.