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Why Athena OS?

Born for InfoSec Professionals, Bug Bounty Hunters, Passionate Students and Spicy Hackers


Athena OS is an open-source, Arch-based Linux distribution intended to build a new concept of pentesting operating system. Its purpose is to offer a different experience than the most used pentesting distributions by providing only tools that fit with the user needs and improving the access to hacking resources and learning materials.

Athena OS is designed from scratch, and, at development phase, useless modules and services have been excluded in order to improve performance and resource consumption. This design approach allows to review in detailed manner each single package and component to include inside the distribution. Despite being based on Arch Linux, Athena OS provides a very user-friendly environment.


The heritage of Arch Linux impacts positively Athena OS than other pentesting distributions:

  • More and more pentesting tools: Athena OS relies on BlackArch repository that contains 2800+ pentesting and security tools. These tools are continuously maintained in order to improve the efficiency of their usage and kept updated for getting a cleaned and secured environment.
  • Great performance: several strategies have been applied on the system in order to make it faster, acting from kernel and passing through virtual memory, RAM, package manager and so on.
  • Free: Athena OS is free and accessible to everyone and it will be forever.
  • Industry-compliant: the system is built according to the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, ISO-9660 and FAT32 requirements.
  • Flexible: the user can choose to install the system with any environment, resources or services at installation time. Furthermore, it can be heavily customized according to the preferences of the user itself. All this can be done by a single provided ISO file.
  • Open source model: all the elements of the system are available on Athena development tree for all users that wish to access or edit according to their needs.
  • Trusted packages: all the packages developed on Athena are GPG-signed.
  • Fully documented: all the needed information is maintained in this documentation and continues to evolve over time. In addition, being based on Arch Linux, any issue or need on the base system is very well documented on Internet for any need.
Athena OS banner imageAthena OS banner image