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Payload to Dock

Several Athena OS environments offer the so called Payload to Dock. It is deployed in GNOME and XFCE refined environments.

Payload to Dock in GNOME is based on Dash 2 Dock while the on in XFCE comes from the standard XFCE panel. Payload to Dock keeps access to the most famous payload repositories and retrieves the latest version of payloads and lands to their path directly by the shell. It provides:

The Dock contains also links to Mimikatz and Powersploit resources, and allows to run the current shell and PowerShell. Furthermore, it offers CyberChef access directly on your desktop.


GNOME Payload to Dock

In XFCE Refined:

XFCE Payload to Dock

At the beginning, these repositories are not installed, to avoid that users would store in the disk space payload repositories that never use. If you would like to get these repositories, click on the button of the repositories you want to retrieve, or set a Cyber Security role compliant with these resources.