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NIST Feed is a special tool able to retrieve information about existing CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) and inform you about a new published or updated CVE by a popup notification by connecting to the NIST National Vulnerability Database (NVD)!

The notification contains a description of the CVE. When the popup notification is shown, users can left-click on it for accessing to the NIST NVD page with all detailed information, or right-click for closing it.

A sample of enabled popup notification is the following


An output sample on retrieving information about an existing CVE by terminal is the following:

Plane version 0.7.1 allows an unauthenticated attacker to view all stored server files of all users.
Published Date: 2023-07-15T19:15Z
Last Modified Date: 2023-07-15T19:15Z
Attack Vector: To Be Evaluated
Attack Complexity: To Be Evaluated
Privileges Required: To Be Evaluated
User Interaction: To Be Evaluated
Scope: To Be Evaluated
CIA Impacts: Confidentiality -> To Be Evaluated; Integrity -> To Be Evaluated; Availability -> To Be Evaluated
Severity: Score -> To Be Evaluated (To Be Evaluated)

NIST Feed can be configured according to the parameters shown by nist-feed -h command. Users can decide which kind of CVE they wish to be informed about, for instance CVEs with a high impact on the confidentiality and integrity, or CRITICAL CVEs. Some examples:

  • Set Desktop Notifications for latest or updated CVE with CRITICAL severity:
    Terminal window
    nist-feed -n -l -s CRITICAL
  • Show details about the last three CVEs. No Desktop Notifications:
    Terminal window
    nist-feed -r 3
  • Show details about the last twenty CVEs with PHYSICAL as attack vector and MEDIUM severity. No Desktop Notifications:
    Terminal window
    nist-feed -V AV:P -s MEDIUM
  • Set Desktop Notifications for latest or updated CVE having high Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability impact:
    Terminal window
    nist-feed -n -l -m C:H/I:H/A:H
    Terminal window
    nist-feed -n -l -c C:H -i I:H -a A:H
  • Set Desktop Notifications for latest or updated CVE with HIGH attack complexity and NETWORK as attack vector:
    Terminal window
    nist-feed -n -l -A AC:H -V AV:N

The -s argument is used for setting a scheduled popup notification on crontab according to the specified filters.