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Hack The Box Toolkit

Users can also play Hack The Box directly on Athena OS by Hack The Box Toolkit. It is a software that allows you to play Free, Retired and Starting Point machines, retrieve information about the machines and which one you pwned.

You can play Hack The Box mainly by two modes:

  • Command Line Interface as described in this chapter
  • PWNage Menu as described in the related chapter

Hack The Box Toolkit has been developed in Rust and can be run by:

htb-toolkit Hack The Box Toolkit

Play Hack The Box machines directly on your system.
htb-toolkit [-h] [-a] [-f] [-k] <set|reset|delete> [-m] <machine-name> [-l] <free|retired|starting> [-p] <true|false> [-r] [-s] [-u] [-v] <vpn-name>
-a Print information about the current active machine.
-f Submit a flag.
-h Print this help.
-k <set|reset|delete> Set, reset or delete the Hack The Box App Key.
-m <machine-name> Specify the machine name to play.
-l <free|retired|starting> List free, retired or starting point machines.
-p <true|false> Set if the shell prompt should be changed.
-r Reset the playing machine.
-s Stop the playing machine.
-u Update free machines in the Red Team menu.
-v <vpn-name> Set a Hack The Box VPN.
Available VPN Servers:
| Starting Point Free VPN : EUSPFree1 USSPFree1 |
| Starting Point VIP VPN : EUSPVIP1 USSPVIP1 |
| Machines Free VPN : EUFree1 EUFree2 EUFree3 |
| USFree1 USFree2 USFree3 |
| AUFree1 SGFree1 |
| Machines VIP VPN : EUVIP1 to EUVIP28 |
| USVIP1 to USVIP27 |
| Machines VIP+ VPN : EUVIP+1 EUVIP+2 |
| Machines VIP+ VPN : USVIP+1 SGVIP+1 |
Usage Examples:
htb-toolkit -k set
htb-toolkit -l free
htb-toolkit -m RouterSpace
htb-toolkit -u
htb-toolkit -v EUFree1