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Browser Pentesting Resources

The browser has been modified in order to integrate at the installation time the extensions you need for your web pentesting activities. The preinstalled addons are:

The browser in Athena OS provides also tons of web resources by bookmarks that can help you to make your searches and activities more efficient. The bookmarks are categorized in the following manner:

  • Awesome
  • Bug Bounty Hunting
    • CVSS
    • HackerOne
  • Crypto Tools
  • Events
  • Exploit Databases
  • Hacking platforms
  • Hardware
  • JavaScript
    • Deobfuscators
    • Formatters
    • Obfuscators
    • Onion Network
    • Sandbox
    • Whois
  • Resources
    • Application References
    • Blogs
    • Books
    • Callback Servers
    • Laboratories
    • Network
    • Steganography
    • Tutorial Websites
    • Wordlists
    • YouTube
  • Reverse Shells
  • Web Shells

Finally, at the launch of the browser you land on a starting page offering you quick links to Cyber Security resources like Hacking Platforms and Online Tools.

Browser Landing Page