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Athena OS Open Source Policy

As an open-source operating system, Athena OS does not have a separate Open Source Policy document that governs the distribution and usage of the operating system itself. However, Athena OS follows the principles of open source software and promotes the use and distribution of open-source components.

Athena OS is built upon a community-driven model where users are encouraged to contribute to the development and improvement of the distribution. The Athena OS community emphasizes the use of open-source software and encourages users to respect the licenses and terms of the open-source components included in the distribution.

While Athena OS does not have an explicit Open Source Policy document, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the licensing terms of the individual packages included in Athena OS The licenses for these packages can typically be found in the documentation or source code files of each package.

By using Athena OS, you are expected to comply with the licenses and terms of the open-source software you utilize. This includes understanding the permissions and obligations associated with the various licenses and ensuring compliance with their requirements, such as providing access to source code and preserving license notices.