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Athena OS End User License Agreement (EULA)

Athena OS, being an open-source distribution, does not have a specific End User License Agreement (EULA) that governs its usage. Athena OS follows a community-driven approach and is built upon open-source principles.

When using Athena OS, you are typically subject to the licenses of the individual packages and components included in the distribution. These licenses vary depending on the specific package and can range from permissive licenses like the MIT License or BSD License to copyleft licenses like the GNU General Public License (GPL).

As a user of Athena OS, it is important to review and comply with the licensing terms of the individual packages you install and use. The licenses for these packages can typically be found within their respective documentation or source code files. By using Athena OS, you agree to adhere to the terms of the licenses associated with the software components you utilize.