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Installing as persistent USB

The following section will guide you through the steps to install Athena OS in a persistent USB by covering all the possible choices you could set.

Before starting, you need two USB drives:

  • USB-1: for creating bootable media
  • USB-2: on which persistent Athena OS will be installed

Burn Athena OS ISO on USB-1 as described in the Installation prepare guide.

After that, reboot the system while keeping USB-1 plugged in your USB port and, according to your boot mode (EFI or BIOS/Legacy), you will be shown:

EFI Boot

for EFI boot, select Athena OS install medium or:

BIOS/Legacy Boot

for BIOS/Legacy boot, select Boot Athena OS (x86_64, BIOS, open source).

Once you land on the Live Environment, attach USB-2 to a different USB port and be sure it is working, and follow the Aegis TUI Installer chapter until the Partitioning section.


On Partitioning section, follow Aegis TUI Manual Partitioning EFI or BIOS-Legacy according to your setup, and select the name of the USB-2 device.


In case GRUB is broken, follow the Restore Grub guide.