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MATE provides an intuitive and attractive desktop environment using traditional metaphors for Linux and other Unix-like operating systems.

In Athena OS, MATE provides quick access to cyber resources.

MATE Environment

The environment consists of several applications that will shown in this chapter.


The desktop consists of a top bar and bottom bar as long as desktop icons.

MATE top bar is composed of several elements that provide access to several resources as settings, directories and application list.


By clicking on Applications, you can access to a menu list containing any resource you need.


Here, you can find Blue and Red Team categories that provide access to Cyber Security tools.

MATE Sec Tools

It is possible to search and run applications also by Run Application dialog by pressing ALT + F2.

MATE Run Application

Next to Applications button, you can see several useful elements like Places to access to the main directories of your system, System to manage your settings and power options, and, finally, useful cyber resources as wordlists, shells and some tools. On the right side of the bar you can find audio mixer, network settings and calendar.

On the bottom part you can see a bar containing a button on the left used to hide and show the windows opened on the desktop, and on its right side the list of workspaces.


Here are reported some useful keybindings set by default in Athena OS MATE.

ALT + F1Open Application Menu
ALT + F2Run Application dialog box
PrintTake a screenshot
ALT + PrintTake a screenshot of a window
ALT + TABMove among windows by popup window
ALT + `Move among windows of an application by popup window
CTRL + ALT + TABMove among panels and the desktop by popup window
ALT + EscMove among windows immediately
ALT + F6Move among windows of an application immediately
CTRL + ALT + EscMove among panels and the desktop immediately
CTRL + ALT + DHide all normal windows and set focus to the desktop
ALT + SpaceActivate the window menu
ALT + F4Close window
ALT + F5Restore window
ALT + F7Move window
ALT + F8Resize window
ALT + F9Minimize window
ALT + F10Toggle maximization state
CTRL + ALT + {Left, Down, Up, Right}Switch to workspace on the specified direction
CTRL + Shift + ALT + {Left, Down, Up, Right}Move window on workspace to the specified direction
CTRL + ALT + LLock the screen
CTRL + ALT + DelShutdown