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KDE Plasma

KDE Plasma is a collection of libraries and frameworks (KDE Frameworks) and several applications (KDE Applications) as well.

In Athena OS, KDE Plasma provides the essential elements to perform your activities.


The environment is pretty characterized by a bottom bar that provides access to all applications and settings.

KDE Plasma

It allows you to access to several applications as well as cyber resources and tools.

KDE Plasma Bar

On the right side of the bar, several elements are shown as network connection, audio settings, battery, calendar and other useful stuff.

In KDE Plasma you can quickly access to applications and browser bookmarks by KRunner invoked by ALT + Space.

KDE Plasma KRunner


Here are reported some useful keybindings set by default in Athena OS KDE Plasma.

Application and System Management

Super + ALT + SOpen Accessibility
Super + EOpen the File Manager
ALT + F1Launch Application Launcher
ALT + SpaceOpen KRunner
ALT + Shift + F2Open KRunner with clipboard content
Super + QOpen Activity Switcher
PrintOpen screenshot menu
Super + PrintTake screenshot of active window
Shift + PrintTake screenshot of entire desktop
Super + Shift + PrintSelect region to take screenshot
Super + CTRL + PrintTake screenshot of window under cursor
CTRL + EscOpen Task Manager
Super + VShow clipboard items
Super + PSwitch display
Super + ALT + KSwitch keyboard layout
CTRL + ALT + DeleteLogout
Super + LLock the screen

Desktop and Window Management

ALT + F4Close window
Super + CTRL + EscKill window
Super + PgUpMaximize window
Super + PgDownMinimize window
Super + F5Move mouse to the focus
Super + F6Move mouse to the center
Super + DPeek at Desktop
Super + {Left, Down, Up, Right}Quick tile window to the specified direction
Super + ALT + {Left, Down, Up, Right}Switch to window to the specified direction
Super + CTRL + {Left, Down, Up, Right}Switch one workspace to the specified direction
Super + CTRL + Shift + {Left, Down, Up, Right}Move window to workspace to the specified direction
CTRL + {1-4}Switch to the selected workspace
Super + F8Show workspace grid
ALT + Shift + F12Suspend compositing
Super + CTRL + IToggle Invert Effect
Super + CTRL + UToggle Invert Effect on window
Super + WToggle environment overview
Super + TToggle Tiles Editor
ALT + TabWalk through next window
ALT + Shift + TabWalk through previous window
Super + Shift + {Left, Right}Move window to monitor to the specified direction
Super + =Zoom In
Super + -Zoom Out (use ‘dash’ key for minus character)
Super + 0Zoom to the actual size
CTRL + 10Show Desktop