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Submitting Bugs

Reporting issues and bugs about Athena OS is important to contribute to reach a solid and stable operating system. The ticketing system is crucial to collect the issues in a centralized manner and communicate to the maintainers useful information like the set environment, the affected applications and the reproduction steps.

To be very effective, it is important that the provided information is clear, concise and complete. If you follow these simple principles, the chance to fix an issue is high!

Report a Bug on Athena OS

Access to the ticketing system. On Bug report entry, click on Get started. Here you need to fill all fields like:

  • Athena OS version
  • Type of the environment or technology
  • Kernel version
  • Involved software
  • Reproduction steps
  • Expected behavior
  • Actual behavior

Report a Bug on a package

If you discover an issue to a package or tool, retrieve the URL of the upstream project, open a ticket on that project page and open an issue ticket on Athena OS, as explained above, reporting the link of your opened ticket. In this manner, we can track also issues related to other packages or tools.