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Contribute to Athena

Being based on Arch Linux and NixOS, Athena embraces entirely the philosophy of Arch Community and Nix Community and is based on the following principles:

  • Simplicity
  • Reproducibility
  • Modernity
  • Pragmatism
  • User centrality
  • Flexibility
  • Versatility

Honoring these principles is only possible with the help and the value of each one of you. Each person can offer its contribution to Athena in several manners.

Athena OS Testing

Before the release implementing important changes, a Beta Testing Period (BTP) is always set. It consists of a set of volunteers that have access of the beta version of Athena OS containing the latest features in test phase. Here you can contribute by testing Athena OS functionalities and proposing enhancements or changes that could be applied on the system.

The BTP are set on Athena OS Discord channel. If you would like to belong to the X-Cybeeta Tester Team, join our Discord and ask for it!

Pentesting Tools

If you would like to be a tool maintainer by keeping updated existing packages or you are a pentesting tool developer, you can enrich the existing tool repositories in order to contribute not only to Athena OS, but to the entire Arch and Nix ecosystems.

Are you excited for this? Just follow the Submitting Tools section.


Showing to the entire Linux and Cyber Security community how Athena OS and its environment work is one of the most critical aspects to respect our principles. A good documentation is the main column of the OS value and can help new users to engage Athena in a simple and smooth manner.

If you would like to contribute on guides and documents for Athena OS, you can click on Edit page button at the end of each page in this website. Propose your changes and discuss them together!


Athena OS Community is distributed mainly on Discord, where you can participate to several topics, about different aspects of the Cyber Security, hacking resources, motivational chatting or proposals on the next releases of Athena OS, and much more!

If you feel it can be your environment, join us!


Athena is also distributed by Torrents because several users prefer this method over the direct HTTP(S) download. If you are a torrent fan and you have a good bandwidth to share, you can contribute by downloading the .torrent file on your computer and keeping a connection for it so that all worldwide users can benefit from your seed in terms of download performance!


Athena OS is currently distributed on different technologies as X86_64 CPU Architecture, docker, WSL. If you would like to use Athena OS on other environments, you can propose or develop your solution in order to be distributed officially on Athena project!


Contributing to Athena is a special way to use a Linux system by getting fun, learning InfoSec and sharing your knowledge or doubts to the other mates in the Community!

We can improve and grow up by digitally walking together.

Enjoy, Athena Legionnaire!