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Hyprland is a dynamic tiling Wayland compositor based on wlroots that doesn’t sacrifice on its looks.

In Athena OS, Hyprland has been configured in order to facilitate the user experience in a window manager environment.

Currently, since Hyprland project is in beta, it could not work on virtual machines that don’t allow GPU passthrough, so it is strongly suggested to use it in a baremetal configuration.

Hyprland used in Athena OS is inspired on the wonderful work of @end-4.


The environment consists of several applications distributed between the top bar and the desktop environment.

Top Bar

The top bar offers several interesting items useful to manage your environment.

Hyprland Top Bar

On the top-left side of top bar, a label with the current active window name is shown.

The environment has a media player integrated with YouTube and Spotify in order to show the playing music.

Hyprland Music

Music popup window can be hidden or invoked by Super+M.

At the center of the top bar, the workspace list is placed. It shows active and used workspaces by using circles.

The right side of the top bar starts with a calendar and battery level bar.

Along these elements, it is possible to access to the keyboard and system settings where you can select your network connections, access to Bluetooth functionalities, access to power menu, read notifications and manage To-Do task notes.

Hyprland ONotify


A clean desktop view appears like the following:

Hyprland Desktop

This environment hides several useful resouces that can be invoked by keybindings. By considering you are using the default keybindings, you can invoke the terminal by Super+Enter.

On Desktop, the application search can be called. It shows the overview of the current workspaces showing the active applications inside them and provides a search bar to find local applications or remote resources. Furthermore, it provides built-in functionalities as math operations or running commands.

Hyprland Activity Overview

By typing on the search bar, you can find all the resources you need or running commands. You can move by arrow keyboard for selecting the item and Enter key for running it.

Hyprland App Search


Power Settings

The timeout before locking or suspending the system is specified in $HOME/.config/hypr/execs.conf in the following lines:

exec-once = swayidle -w timeout 300 '$HOME/.local/bin/' before-sleep '$HOME/.local/bin/' &
exec-once = swayidle -w timeout 450 'systemctl suspend'

Edit the timeout value to change the trigger of lock screen and system suspend. You can also edit the behavior of these two commands by changing the last parameters or creating a new command in a new line.

At the end, reboot.


At any time you can choose to customize the current environment or to use a different theme.


Hyprland leverages on several files for applying its current theme. These files are distributed mainly between:

  • ~/.config/hypr: containing all Hyprland configuration files (as keybindings, startup applications, background)
  • ~/.config/ags: containing all AGS configuration files
  • ~/.local/bin: containing binaries used for this theme

Files in ~/.config/hypr that you can customize are:

  • env.conf: define environment variables to be used in Hyprland
  • execs.conf: define the processes to start at Hyprland startup
  • keybindings.conf: define the keybindings for launching applications and actions
  • hyprland.conf: define several settings for Hyprland environment and invoke the previous configuration files above

Customize them according to your needs.

If you wish to change the Desktop background, rename your image as wallpaper and just replace ~/.config/hypr/wallpaper by your image file and reboot. To change it in runtime, run also:

swww img $HOME/.config/hypr/wallpaper


If you would like to change the entire theme of Hyprland and applying a different one, you need to search for different. Usually, Hyprland themes are distributed as dotfiles. Dotfiles are named in this manner because they are the usual folder in your home directory that start with . in their name. So, a Hyprland theme typically consists of a .config and .local folders, but they could have also more of them.

For applying an Hyprland theme, you must copy the content of these folders in the related dot folders inside your home directory. If there is no error in Hyprland configuration, the theme should be applied automatically.


In order to help you and not getting crazy, here are reported the main keybindings set by default in Athena OS Hyprland.

To show the main keybindings, press Super + /.


Super + COpen VSCodium as code editor
Super + EnterOpen the Terminal
Super + TOpen Foot
Super + EOpen the File Manager
Super + WOpen the Browser


Super + QClose the active window
Super + CTRL + VOpen pavucontrol
CTRL + Shift + EscapeOpen GNOME System Monitor
Super + Shift + ALT + STake screenshot and open the image editor. Files will be saved in Desktop
PrintTake screenshot and copy it in clipboard
Super + Shift + STake screenshot and copy it in clipboard
Super + ALT + RToggle recording desktop
CTRL + ALT + RToggle recording desktop with audio
Super + Shift + ALT + RToggle recording desktop on fullscreen
Super + VShow clipboard content
Super + Shift + CRun Hyprpicker
Super + CTRL + TSwitch wallpaper
Super + KShow virtual keyboard
Super + LLock screen
Super + CTRL + RReset AGS
Super + TABToggle View
Super + MToggle Music Popup
Super + NToggle Sidebar
CTRL + ALT + DeletePower menu
CTRL + Shift + ALT + DeleteLogout
Super + CTRL + Shift + ALT + DeletePower off

Windows and Workspaces

Super + DMaximize active window
Super + Shift + ALT + SpaceToggle floating
Super + Shift + LeftMove window to left
Super + Shift + RightMove window to right
Super + Shift + UpMove window to up
Super + Shift + DownMove window to down
Super + LeftMove focus to left
Super + RightMove focus to right
Super + UpMove focus to up
Super + DownMove focus to down
Super + CTRL + LeftMove to the previous workspace
Super + CTRL + RightMove to the next workspace
Super + CTRL + Shift + LeftMove the active window to the previous workspace
Super + CTRL + Shift + RightMove the active window to the next workspace
Super + MouseDownMove to the previous workspace
Super + MouseUpMove to the next workspace
Super + CTRL + Shift + MouseDownMove the active window to the previous workspace
Super + CTRL + Shift + MouseUpMove the active window to the next workspace
Super + FSwitch active window to fullscreen
Super + <N>Switch to the workspace <N> (N is a number between 0 and 9)
ALT + TABSwitch focus among windows
Super + LeftMouseButtonDrag the window

Other keybindings can be found in ~/.config/hypr/keybindings.conf

Side Installation

To install Athena OS Hyprland environment on side of an existing environment, run:

sudo pacman -S athena-hyprland-config
dconf load /org/gnome/desktop/ < /usr/share/athena-hyprland-config/dconf-desktop.ini

Then reboot. On Login Manager, select Hyprland session and login.

If your theme is not correctly displayed, run athena-theme-tweak to set or change the current environment theme.