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Style Guide

The purpose of this document is to outline guidelines and specifications for partners and users to create Athena OS graphical assets.

Athena Chibi

Athena Chibi has three relevant components: the Golden Helmet, the Medusa Shield and the OS Logo spear.

The colors are shades of the following main ones:

  • Gold for Helmet
  • Gold for Medusa Shield
  • Gold for Forearm Guards
  • Gold for Greaves
  • Blue for Helmet Crest
  • Blue for Clothes
  • Light Grey/Blue for bottom edge of Clothes
  • Blue/Cyan for Athena Eyes
  • Light Brown for Athena Hair
  • OS Logo for Spear Tip

Do not alter the character provided to you in any way, including the colors and the relationship between the elements.

Athena Chibi