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Aegis Installer TUI

Aegis TUI is a terminal user interface frontend of Aegis, a tailored installer developed and optimized specifically for Athena OS.

To provide more accessible resources to the users, Aegis TUI provides a terminal interface to configure and install your systems according to your preferences.

Aegis will improve over time in order to detect automatically your hardware. It means that the installer is able to detect your environment (baremetal or virtualized), your CPU and your GPU. According to this information, all the needed drivers are automatically installed with no any actions by your side.

Aegis TUI can be run by running aegis-tui command and requires a working Internet connection.

Its purpose is to create a JSON configuration file containing all the user choices that is used to feed the Aegis backend, the real brain of the installer. The JSON configuration file will be saved as /tmp/config.json.

The installation logs will be saved to /tmp/aegis.log and copied to the installed system to /var/log/aegis.log.


Open the terminal and run:

sudo nix-channel --update

Aegis TUI


  1. Select the timezone System Timezone


  1. Select the keymap System Keymap


  1. Select the locale System Locale


  1. Set your user account User Account

    Set your password User Password User Verify Password

    Choose if the inserted password should be the same for the root account too User Same Root Password

    If choose No, set a password for the root account Root Password Root Verify Password


  1. Select your favourite shell System Shell


  1. Set the hostname System Hostname


  1. Select your partition according to the installation type you are going to. Check the Installation chapter related to your setup and follow there the partition scheme to implement:


  1. Select your favourite theme System Desktop


  1. Select your favourite theme System Theme

Login Manager

  1. Select your favourite display manager for login System Login


  1. Select your favourite terminal System Terminal

Miscellaneous Settings

  1. Select your favourite settings by using Space key button and confirm by Enter System Settings

  2. Review the Summary and run the installation. Install Summary

  3. Select the install parameters for the installation process Install Set Cores Install Set Jobs

    Select if the installation should continue even if the building process of a software can fail Install Keep Going

    Finally, if you are ready to install, proceed Install Confirm

    During the installation, installation logs are saved in /tmp/aegis.log. In case the installation gets some issues, run:

    cat /tmp/aegis.log | nc 9999

    to get a link to where the logs are temporary saved. Communicate this link to Athena OS Team for troubleshooting.

  4. If no errors have been raised during the installation phase, you are ready to use Athena OS!

    Installation Finished